Monday, September 28, 2015

Please have a look at this interview that was done with Elyse from my team, the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society. She did a great job of telling what it's like to be in the field.....and she avoided telling them how very evil I

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New year, and new update

Hello all who have come to read this. Its been a long time since Ive been back to any kind of work, GMPS or other. So let me update you all from October 2014 to now. In October after some personal problems I decided to end my show called Haunted Whispers. It was just more then I could do at the time with all that was going on. And while I only did one show every other week, the time to prep and find guests was just more then I could handle at the time. Yes I am thinking about doing it again at some point but that has not fully been thought out yet. I did like doing the show and I was getting good responses to it so who knows. I also was and still am under the impression that there are just way to many shows that talk about ghosts and the paranormal out there and I was also tired of looking for listeners. Frankly there are many out there who really do feel that doing a show is there clear cut way to make them some kind of celebrity. I will not point a finger at some who really take the online show way to serious. Going as far as getting management and booking them self's at ghost conferences. So while I will not point any fingers I will stick one up just for them. I'm not saying that they are not good at what they do and all, but come on...who is paying money to see you like your a TV or Movie star??

I also until today shut down my team the GMPS. I have a few reasons for that, one I was at a point in my life that my depression took hold of me and really just no longer game a shit about it. I was having problems getting people on my team to come out to investigations and even more so helping to evidence review. So I said well fuck it then. Sadly this has effected one of our clients. It took forever to get the reviews done and then when it was ready I simply did not feel like going back to share what we found, or lack of. If it were not for some of the people in my team and Trisha I was really about to shut down the GMPS team all together.

While the end of 2014 was truly one of the worst three months that I have ever lived in my life there was one saving grace, and a reason to not eat a bullet. I asked Trisha Lester to be my wife and she said yes. And on 12/13/14 we got married at the Essex and Middle River Heritage Society's Museum. It was a small event with some family and close friends. We even made it on the the local news paper for it because not only is that location a place that me and my team have investigated in the past and have hosted public ghost hunts there but we are the first people to have ever gotten married there. I cant ever begin to share how grateful we are for them allowing us this chance to make history there.

In November I got the chance to also film a small part on a show called "The RIP Files" there at the museum. While the show is not shown on local channels, it can be found online and maybe in the future it will also air here. It was fun, and I enjoyed my time with the crew. When it does become available to been seen I will be sure to post where and when on here and on my Facebook pages.

After a wonderful honeymoon in Wilmington NC and getting past the holidays I had a major health issue happen to me and as such I have been in and out of the hospital and doctors visits and all the time out of work as well. As of today I am back to looking for work as I was not able to keep the job I have had for the past few years. But I am getting better and the issues that I have had seems to be on the mend. I am not fully sure that I will not need an operation at this point but I hope not. Time will tell.

Now that we are taking on new requests and all, we are in need of a few new people. So if are local to the Baltimore area and want to become a paranormal investigator, please refer to the how to join section of the teams webpage.

The book??? Yes the book. I also stopped writing it, as ive done many times in the past. But this summer will be when it will see the light of date. Keep checking back for a release date and where to get it.

I hope this did not run on too long and your up to date on all things me and the team.

More to come,
Bill Hartley
Founder/Lead Investigator
Greater Maryland Paranormal Society 2.0

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Workshop dates and times.

So the upcoming dates of my public workshops are coming up and here are the dates one again. Please visit my events page to confirm that you are going to be there. I am working on a new format for these events, so come and see if I can pull it off.

Saturday, October 13 at 1:30pm at 2255 Hanover Pike, Greenmount, MD 21074

Saturday, October 20 at 1:00pm at 705 Ridge Avenue, Mount Airy, MD 21771

Saturday, October 27 at 1:00pm at 6400 Hemlock Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784

Sunday, June 17, 2012

October is going to be busy

October is going to be super busy for me doing paranormal presentations. And it would seem that I am super loved in Carroll County. I will be at...

The North Carroll Branch of the CC Library located at 2255 Hanover Pike, Greenmount MD on Oct 13th 

Then at the Mt Airy Branch of the CC Library located at 705 Ridge Ave Mt Airy MD on Oct 20th

And lastly at the Eldersburg Branch located at 6400 W Hemlock Dr Eldersburg MD on Oct 27th

Yes it is 3 events, but the same jokes so if you plan to come to more then one, be warned. I will post times as the dates get closer.

We are very honored that the Carroll County Library system thinks so much of us to not only have us back but at 3 different branches and I will do all that I can to make each one of them as much fun as I can. and I hope that I will see as many of you as I can at these events. 

Bill Hartley
Founder/Lead Investigator

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End of 2010

Its hard to believe what a great and crazy year it has been for the GMPS team. We started out with a few cases that needed to be moved due to snow. Having the girls from Stevenson following us around filming us for there school video that ended up being "GMPS: Debunking the Myth" that you can see on our web page. The Spring found us doing two workshops that came out pretty well, seeing we had never done one before. We became a part of the Paranormals team run by Brian Dude Run him self. We also failed to make it as a TAPS Family team, cause they seem to be far more worried about if teams web pages have something on them that sounds like another teams web page instead of picking a team based on field experience and how well one works with there clients and what level of help they bring to them. And God help the team that has a "creepy" picture on a ghost page. But at the end of the day we find that being our self's and being who and what we are go far beyond what they are about. Hell they don't even know that the local teams that are suppose to be with them are gone.

We also sadly ended up getting in a bit of a disagreement with a local team. What over you might ask? To put it simply it was over a client that we both took on. And when you have two teams that investigate in different ways, you get what we had here. Outside of what I know from the client and there own web page, I know very little else and feel that it was a matter that could have best been worked out had clearer heads prevailed.

We also found our self's on a episode of the show "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal". It was a fun wild ride that I never dreamed would have happened to us. And I don't think that any of it sunk in until the night Chip and the kids were filming with me at the house used on the show. We were in one of the bedrooms and it dawned on me that not only was I really filming on that show but I was working right next to Chip. The kids on that show were so much more then I could have ever dreamed of as well. I have never met kids that were so smart and really seemed to have a gift. They really did pick up on things in that house that they really could not have known before hand. Some of which did not even make the show, and outside of what I knew about the house from our investigation there, some of it was new to me and there was no way that anyone on the show knew about it. So yes these kids may have changed my mind abit on psychics. And they have become the first ever to get a honorary membership in to the GMPS team.

As far as investigations go, we had so many cases this year that I am sure that we doubled what we did in 2009. Some of them were very haunted and others not so much. But that is the way of this business is. For the first time this year we caught a shadow figure go past a camera, a teddy bear fly out of a closet with no one in the room, had a documentary filmed and shown in Public about us, and even topped our most collected EVP's from one location in one night. Yeah it totaled 31 for a span of three hours. And at the same investigation something locked a door on us and dropped a heavy whisk about half way across the kitchen from where its kept. Also for the first time ever for the GMPS team, we hosted a public investigation in Laurel MD that by all accounts went very well.

By fall now only did we do another workshop but we were also asked to be a guest at a Special Kids Halloween event in Carroll County which ended up being on the front page of the local news paper.

We also lost some team members along the way this year. No they did not die, but life outside of the team made it necessary for them to leave. And while we will miss all who left, we did also bring on a few that seem like they will work out well and we are always looking for others to join the team.

The winter was just as busy so far for us as the rest of the year has been. With our last revile done just days before Christmas, we already have 2 cases lined up in Jan 2011.

Who knows what 2011 will bring for the GMPS team. But I wanted to thank all of you who follow us online here, facebook, twitter, myspace, our web page or where ever else. And the GMPS team wishes you the very best for 2011 and beyond.

Bill Hartley
Founder/Lead Investigator